Abizaid on Iran: We could live with it

Gen. John Abizaid put forth a moderate, nuanced approach to dealing with Iran. It's a far cry from the saber rattling that has been going on all over the world. His are the weary words of a soldier who has been asked to accomplish untenable missions - and a caution for us all.


Protest and counter-protest

Ken Avidor, for The UpTake, caught some interesting footage of an anti-peace/pro-surge/anti-leftie protestor protest in St. Paul on Saturday. It's good to see some coverage of people doing their thing without a boatload of commentary. Way to let the camera do the talking, Ken.


Gore abuse

Given everything that's gone on during the Bush years, this article genuinely made me sick.

To think that the media busily fed us lies about Gore because... It made them happy! Or something.


Somehow, I don't think he's gonna get confirmed

Here's another moral crusader who doesn't know the difference between right and wrong.