'04 Ohio ballots destroyed

More hilarious election hijinks from Ohio.


Impeach now

Gonzalez will probably get caught in his lies. That shouldn't be news to anyone. He was lying from the get go. If this is proven, he should face charges.

This administration will eventually crumble under the weight of its corruption, its hubris and its impression that it is operating in 12th century England rather than 21st century America. To me the case for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney has never been stronger or more imperative.

For the future of our country, Congress must measure this administrations actions against the constitution and the law. It is not a matter of political triangulation-- who will benefit or who will not from impeachment proceedings. Bush and Cheney represent a threat to our constitution. They swore to uphold it. Yet they actively undermine it with every executive order, every act of contempt, every illegal act.

Feingold's proposal to censure is a start. But the real end game is impeachment, followed by conviction. In pursuing this, we not only hold Bush and Cheney accountable, we also fulfill the role the founders envisioned for citizens of the United States - as the ultimate balance to unchecked power.


A noble gesture...

I didn't hear anything about thisin the mainstream media. Did you?


Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq

Bush has issued his scariest executive order yet. It's probably the scariest executive order issued by any American President-- ever.

The new order allows the government to seize the assets and property of anyone that interferes with its Iraq policies. Some old-line republicans, such as Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, Pat Buchanan, and others are putting forward the idea that Bush will stage some sort of false flag event to push the US into a police state.

Please read.

I urge you to raise your voice to impeach.


Too Soon to Call 2008?

Sure we don't even know who the candidates will be, but Washington, D.C. journalist Louis Jacobson already has a specific prediction for the 2008 presidential election: it all may come down to Ohio's 20 electoral votes -- again. Based on an analysis of the 19 "purple states" and on the assumption that traditionally safe Republican and Democratic states stay in their respective camps, Jacobson claims there are just three toss-up states: New Mexico, Iowa, and "the kingmaker" Ohio. Jacobson claims there is reason for Democrats to be optimistic regarding Ohio (and the election in general), but he remains cautious. As he should, seeing as how there's still over a year to go.

How is Minnesota classified in this analysis? We are "leaning Democratic," which means the state has "consistently voted Democratic in recent elections, but has a viable Republican Party and enough dissatisfaction, particularly on economic issues, to make voters slightly less predictable." In his final analysis our 10 votes count for the Dems, and that seems a likely scenario.

Who else is excited about the future onslaught of colorful electoral maps?


Minnesota Veterans call for Normy to take a stand

The UpTake caught the DFL Veterans Caucus calling for Norm Coleman to make a choice: actually represent his constituents by calling for a time table for withdrawal or continue to support Bush.



Good Lord:

Neocons on a Cruise: What Conservatives Say When They Think We Aren't Listening

"Crank up the violence..."

With no clear way to win, no clear enemy...stuff like this is going to define our stay in Iraq.


Fischbach fisked

In conservative land, there is evidence of sanity.

Moore v. Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer attempts to run a really transparent hit-hob on Michael Moore and Moore completely dismantles him this uncomfortable interview. Stick around to watch Lou Dobbs smear Moore with a big fat smile on his face, then watch Mike Cafferty shake his head and tell Wolf "Whatever CNN is paying you, it isn't enough."

Oh, that difficult Moore! Oh, he's always saying those uncomfortable things!


A cancer called Guantanamo

It will take many years for the disgrace of Guantanamo to fade.


A horrible President, but still much better than the one we got now

In honor of Calvin Coolidge's 135th birthday, here are some relevant thoughts on his era, from William Allen White:

Corruption is rampant in high places. Special privilege is unleashed and shameless. The fourth-rater is coming into prestige and power in business, in politics, in religion.

The nation has not yet been shocked out of its materialism. Of course, Coolidge is a tremendous shock absorber. His emotionless attitude is an anesthetic to a possible national conviction of sin... We have just got to grind along and develop a leader and it is a long slow task calling for all of our patience. How long, Oh Lord, how long!

What a joy it would be to get out and raise the flaming banner of righteousness! Instead of which we sit in our offices and do unimportant things and go home at night and think humdrum thoughts.

What a generation!

Sound familiar? If that old malcontent spat these bitter thoughts in 1926, imagine how he'd react to us in the aughts, not to mention his perspective on the null-node occupying the White House now (and hisbirthday is this Friday, what a week).

Source: White, William Allen. Autobiography of William Allen White. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1946, pp. 632-633


God is mad at the UK

It's kind of nice to see a Christian kook outside of the US for a change.

Fairness Doctrine still dead

Wow, the things that Congress can "accomplish" these days. Really, do we need a brazen vote to prevent the FCC from enforcing the long-dormant Fairness Doctrine? Still, despite the obvious premise behind the vote (money talks), I love this quote from Wisconsin's Twin Ports congressman (and Appropriations Committee Chairman) Dave Obey:

We ought to let right-wing talk radio go on as they do now. Rush and Sean are just about as important in the scheme of things as Paris Hilton, and I would hate to see them gain an ounce of credibility by being forced by a government agency or anybody else to moderate their views enough that they might become modestly influential or respected.

Unfortunately Rush and Sean are influential, and even "respected" by moonbats, which is why we need the Fairness Doctrine again.

[n.b. Our own Norm Coleman is co-sponsoring the Senate version of this foredoomed bill.]

Move the terror warning to RED! Lesbian gangs on the loose!

Loofah Bill O. warns of the inner-city scourge of rampant lesbian gangs (in his head)(in his dreams).