Libby: A Good Start

Cheney Aide Indicted in Leak Case, Resigns

Here's a little Friday Fun for you: Bush in freefall


Star Tribune's backhanded endorsement in Ward 10

Color me surprised. The Star Tribune endorses Ralph Remington over Scott "13 Stories" Persons in Ward 10. The Star Tribune hasn't met a development (or I should really say, a developer) it doesn't like, so I've been steeling myself for what I considered to be the inevitable endorsement of Scott Persons, who has the same predilection.

Of course, they have to get some backhanded digs in on Ralph Remington.

Voters in Uptown and Lyn-Lake can't lose. Either DFL candidate -- Scott Persons or Ralph Remington -- would make an impressive replacement for the retiring Dan Niziolek. Persons is better prepared to step in immediately. His experience as a neighborhood association president and his command of issues -- from redevelopment to public safety -- make him a solid choice. He understands the details of city government better than Remington and would be a persuasive voice at the Capitol.

But Remington long-term potential may be greater, not only as a ward representative but as a citywide leader. His energy and wide-ranging life experiences are important assets. We share his priorities for safer streets, better transit and more of the artsy, eclectic atmosphere that makes Ward 10 so appealing. It's worrisome that Remington still tends toward the old "neighbors vs. developers" game. But he insists that he favors for midtown Minneapolis the kind of responsible, transit-oriented redevelopment that would otherwise migrate to the suburbs. He deserves a chance to prove it.


Plame preparedness

I am geting my earplugs out. I am putting on my hip waders. Later this week Patrick Fitzgerald will release his findings. I think he will indict. The Republicans will howl. They already are. The Republicans will make the streets slick with spin. I expect to see Ken Melhman's mealy mouth working double time to further embed himself under the skin of the string-pullers. They should call him the human tick.

If indictments are released, I refuse to call that day "fitzmas." I know the meaning is supposed to be happy for liberals. Yet the outing of a CIA officer never has made me happy. The fact that our elected leaders are ultra corrupt never has been cause for joy. I am grateful for Mr. Fitgerald's efforts for sure. But it's like he is showing us an xray of the executive branch and saying, "See how the cancer has spread?"


Autopsy reports reveal homicides of detainees in U.S. custody

Dump Miers

The nomination of Harriet Miers has nonplussed me. I sat in a kind of stupified wonder as I watched Bush announce her. She appears respectable. She has a legal career impossible to call hackneyed. But as near as I can tell, she doesn't know diddly about constitutional law. As near as I can tell her best qualification is that she is extremely friendly with his Shrubness.

This contrasts sharply with the Roberts nomination. Roberts isn't who I would have chosen but he has dedicated his brilliant career to constitutional issues. That was obviously a nomination done by the soon-to-be-indicted adults in the administration working to conserve political capital and enhance Shrubby's legacy. Miers, what is she? She's an evangelical Christian. An avowed pro-lifer. A friend of Bush. Nothing about her makes me comfortable. And we are even likely to learn less in the coming weeks. We must somehow stare into her wide, made-up eyes and attempt to "know her heart."

At least Sen. Spectre is going to call in Dobson to testify about all the things he isn't supposed to know. I hope he spills the beans. Hear my prayer.

Speaking of prayers, I have to join my conservative dopplegangers in calling for her withdrawl. This is not a case of "they are against her so I am for her." This is a case of "she shouldn't even be in the game."


Target Pharmacy Refuses Emergency Contraception Prescription

Very disappointing. No, make that outrageous. Details here. Target's response/confirmation here. Most importantly, take action here.

Learn more about emergency contraception.

Bad News Bears

The levees of control and right-wing unity are busting on all sides of this Administration. Where to even begin? Dunno, but here are a few links:

  • ‘Cheney cabal hijacked US foreign policy’
  • Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source In Leak Case
  • A Palpable Silence at White House
  • Aide Says FEMA Ignored Warnings
  • Film rolls as troops burn dead
  • Senators Say Miers' Answers Insufficient Leahy Calls Responses 'Insulting'

    And - of course - how can we not post Tom Delay's slick "Don't Worry, Be Happy" mug?

  • 10/18/2005

    Blogumentary Screening Tonight

    Sorry for the late notice. For those of you who haven't seen it -- there's a whole lotta stuff about blogs in action, changing media and changing politics. Howard Dean's campaign, Dan Rather, Trent Lott, it's all here kids. Including interviews with our pals John Hinderaker, Joe Trippi, Jeff Jarvis, and BBC reporter Stuart Hughes who blogged from Iraq.

    Watch the trailer


    Gloating would be wrong...

    AP: "DeLay will likely be booked in a Texas county jail this week despite attempts by his attorneys to bypass the fingerprinting and mug shot process."

    But it's so, so, so hard not to.


    Advertising wars: Drink Iraq War and Win Lots of Girls

    Orchestrated media events are certainly nothing new in politics. Dukakis rides a tank. Kerry dons a flannel shirt and hunts with a shotgun. Dukakis and Kerry are amatuers, though. They are pretenders to the throne. Dear Leader and Dear Leader's friends are the Senseis of propaganda. After hand picking his millionth audience, Dear Leader wins a Gold Shilling Star for taking it to new heights. As they say on the infomercials: Wait a minute Karl, do you mean to tell me that everything is ok in Iraq?

    Given Dear Leader's approval ratings are at an all time low I guess there is only one question left:

    Who's he trying to kid?


    His Shrillness

    Krugman: "Read the speeches Howard Dean gave before the Iraq war, and compare them with Colin Powell's pro-war presentation to the U.N. Knowing what we know now, it's clear that one man was judicious and realistic, while the other was spinning crazy conspiracy theories. But somehow their labels got switched in the way they were presented to the public by the news media." (Via Atrios)

    Oh, how I miss being able to read His Shrillness. Damn you, Times Select, damn you!


    The big reveal

    Aaron Landry presents a convincing case that the Mystery Blimp is a Peter McLaughlin ad. But not even the pilots know for sure...and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a Minneapolis candidate's blimp to fly over St. Paul.

    I craned my neck to catch a glimpse of it this weekend at the Autumn Brew Review. As MN Observer Robin notes it's a lot easier to see from the 40th story.

    "Had it up to here?"

    "Enough is enough!"

    I can hardly wait for the "big reveal."

    Update: Ah, it's just Fox 9 News.


    Bush will veto spending bill if torture is regulated

    Bush has yet to veto a bill. He hasn't even really threatened a veto. Massive, pork-laden efforts of all kinds have sailed through under his pen. So what do you think incenses Bush enough to threaten using Presidential privilege to kill legislation? The thought of preventing torture by US troops.

    Kudos to McCain, a torture victim himself, for sponsoring the bill. And here's something you won't often hear me say: Kudos to the Senate for tacking it on despite Shrub's unexplainable opposition. McCain explains something that should be self-evident to his Shrubness, but obviously isn't:

    Many of my comrades were subjected to very cruel, very inhumane and degrading treatment, a few of them even unto death. But every one of us - every single one of us - knew and took great strength from the belief that we were different from our enemies.

    Bushthink guts Gulf Coast

    For much of George Bush's term, the administration's end game has been hidden. Their intentions are usually covered up in the white snow of euphemism, a slogan here, a slogan there. A government sponsored advertisement or paid columnist shills for a shaky bill. The terrorists threaten no child left behind healthy forests clear skies your operation Iraqi wanna nuke ya freedom security life choosers. A pile of smart sounding words masks impossibly stupid designs.

    Now, a series of head-shaking decisions reveals the true pattern of Bushthink. First, Bush removed minimum wage restrictions on government contractors working to rebuild the Gulf Coast. Then, the Department Of Homeland Security lifted sanctions on employers who hire undocumented workers, which green lights the hiring of people who can't prove their citizenship. Brilliant.

    This comes at a time when the administration has not only doled out a series of nobidcontracts to the standard set of Bush cronies, but has pledged not to raise taxes in relation to relief efforts. All pork will stand. Spending must be cut. Taxes must be further cut. Big business will be served.

    Consider, if you will, how you might approach the problem of revitalizing a key economic and cultural asset of the United States. Consider the destroyed economy and spirit of the region. Would you perhaps consider using public funds to create jobs? Perhaps require that reconstruction contracts be given to local contractors where possible? Perhaps move to temporarily fund local governments instead of letting them fall?

    The answer, if you are a Bush let-them-eat-cake conservative, to empower your favorite corporations to make their no-bid contracts even richer by eliminating wage restrictions. But then, if you are George W. Bush, you must take a step further. You must make it even harder for hurricane-struck Americans to make a living wage by making it legal for reconstruction contractors to hire undocumented foreign workers, workers who may be even more desperate than our American neighbors in Louisiana. This set of moves effectively guts the economic corpse of the region. It will serve to create and minimally nourish an impoverished class of illegal workers and poor Americans for the profit of a few corporations.

    It is a despicable act of man so ethically challenged, so flagrantly incompetent, so lacking in common sense and consideration for the health and well being of the citizens he pretends to lead, that he must be enshrined. Is it legal to bronze an acting President as a monument to stupidity? I really want to know. It would make a helluva rider on some porkfest. Perhaps we could call it the Help America Think act.


    LiberalOasis interviews Russ Feingold

    LiberalOasis has an interview with likely 2008 hopeful Senator Russ Feingold, who is fresh from a trip to New Hampshire.

    It's a little early for this stuff for my blood, but do check it out. Bill Scher runs a tight shop over there.


    Tipped off?

    Think Progress has a short item noting conservative group Progress for America has already created JusticeMiers.com, "an extensive website promoting Harriet Miers’ nomination."

    Were they tipped off?

    The site was registered September 29 and updated October 2, according to WhoIs.net.

    Progress for America also registered JusticeGonzales.com, JusticeBrown.com, and JusticeGarzar.com on June 20. (Can you find any others?)

    It seems like PFA is covering all their bases, but they know very well who is on the short list.

    Harriet Miers

    Bush has appointed his long-time personal lawyer Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

    Scanning the Daou Report, my initial assessment is that just because the right wingers don't like her doesn't make her a good choice!


    I am more than my bank account

    Every campaign manager for every Democratic candidate, no matter how large or small should read this: I Am More Than A Bank Account by Devilstower on Daily Kos.

    Like everyone else who's ever given money to a candidate or signed up for a mailing list, I am constantly bombarded with requests for money. I give when I can, or when I care. But it is frustrating. And as Devilstower writes, volunteer utilization by political campaigns is laughably ineffective.

    That said, I understand the flip side, too. Volunteers are often unreliable and it's hard to trust them with lots of responsibility. The easiest thing to do is to put them on voter contact, which is boring but needs to be done.

    But without that trust, people get burned out. Clearly there are some volunteers who have skills that would make them better suited to other duties.